Book: The FastLife

I bought this book in 2016, but did not get around to reading it until 2019. From the back cover: “Dr. Mosley combines the power of intermittent fasting and high-intensity training…” which, with the justifications for each, form the basis of this book.

This book was very easy to read. My key take-aways:

  • Fasting weight loss probably will be hard to make persist for decades
  • Tables, charts, etc tended to be poorly labled. On the flip side really good references (eg home glucose test) in the “Before You Go” chapter at the end
  • Great Index
  • Super information on fast exercise

Part 1, page 1: The Fast Diet


P 7 There are about 50,000 CRON [Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition] people worldwide.

P 10 Medical evidence is extensive and compelling [that the CRON diet is effective]

P 14 Snacking doesn’t mean we eat less at mealtimes, it means we just increase our calorie count.

Chapter 1: The Science of Fasting

P 16 Fasting sharpens senses & focuses the brain

P 19 Antioxidants in plants do not explain health benefits

P 20 Dr. Valter Longo researches why we age

P 21 Periodic fasting can induce long-lasting changes that can be beneficial against aging

P 22 A 1945 study in mice: fasted 1 day in 4, 1 in 3 or 1 in 2. All increased longevity; the more they fasted the longer they lived.

P 22 Recent article in Nature about fasting [link]

P 24 Laron syndrome peole (Ecuador) do not get cancer or diabetes

26 CR turns on autophagy (see Ch. 1 reference 6)

P 26 Fasting turns on stem cells & regenerates immune system (see Ch. 1 reference 7)

P 30 During 1st 2 days of fast body is switching from burning glucose for fuel to burning glycogen for fuel.

p 34 Alternative day fasting –> very large drop in blood pressure and cholesterol.

P 36-7 Fasting improves mood. Ch. 1 reference 10 has a test for mood.

P 39 Fasting can protect the brain from dementia & cognitive decline

P 42 Fasting increases mice BDNF

P 44 Online memory tests.

P 44-5 Electroshock therapy stimulates BDNF production

P 47 insulin inhibits lipolysis: breakdown of body fat

P 49 intermittent fasting improves insulin sensitivity

P 52 fasting protects normal but not cancer from chemotherapy

p 56 intermittent fasting hels asthma

p 62 even slightly high glucose increases risk of stroke , heart disease and cognitive decline

p 64-6 His medical data

Chapter 2: The FastDiet in Practice

p 74 Fast day meals should have low glycemic index and some protein

P 76 people on a low glycemic load have decreased risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease

p 77 Valter Longo recommends 0.8 g protein/lb of body weight

P 78 eggs eaten for breakfast helps you feel full longer

p 121 skipping or not skiing breakfast has no impact on weight

p 136 support from family and friends is a fasting asset

p 137 most overweight women adapt to this diet and lose weight

P 141 fasting will cut cancer risk and may increase chemotherapy efficacy

P 142 diabetes drug Byetta activates BDNF production

143 rapamycin and intermittent fasting activates mTOR

Chapter 3: Menu plans

P 145-192 I did not read the menu plans

Testimonials and Tweets

Calorie Counter

Part Two: FastExercise


215 can get many of exercise benefits with 3 minutes of exercise per week using high intensity training (!!)

Chapter 4: The Truth About Exercise

P 223 microlives invented by David Spiegelwalter. See The Norm Chronicles

P 226-7 Exercise reduces dementia risk by half

P 228 E teachers have far higher rates of knee and hip arthritis

P 228 Runners do not seem to get arthritis

P 229 jogging adds 4 years to your life, ideal amount is 30-50 minutes 3 days a week to the point of feeling a little breathless but not very

P 231 VO2 max is a powerful predictor of future health risk, more than weight or cholesterol

P 231 VO2 max rises sharply in response to exercise

P 234 people with higher glucose appear older

P 242 online weight loss predictor

P 242 people don’t lose weight with exercise for 3 reasons; underestimate fat burn, compensatory eating, exercise has less effect on metabolic rate than thought

p 243 Better to be fat and fit than lean and not fit

Chapter 5: What is FastExercise?

P 249 the Hadza hunter-gatherers burn about the same number of calories per pound that we do

P 262 Good measure of how effective exercise is: increase in greater mitochondria density

P 262 high intensity training (HIT) scores especially well with mitochondria

P 263 Mitochondria burn fat, so HIT results in fat loss

P 266 Book the High Intensity Workout

P 267 When brown fat is turned on makes 300 times more heat than any other organ

P 268-9 HIT reduces appetite for a few hours afterward

P 279 11 genes control how well we respond to exercise

P284-6 HIT is good for heart disease

Chapter 6: FastExercise: The Workouts

P 290 stretching before exercise has no scientific basis

P 291 cool-down after exercise has no scientific basis

Chapter 7: FastExercise in Practice

P 330 Best exercise performance is midday and 7 pm

330 But best mood boosting is from exercise early in the morning

P 331 You will burn more fat if you exercise before eating

Chapter 8: Michael’s Guide to Keeping Active

Chapter 9: Before You Go . . .

P 358 Top athletes resting pulse is 40

P 358 Poor description of measuring pulse.

P 359 Max heart rate formula: 205.8-(0.685*age)

P 360 VO2 Max estimation calculation = 15.3 * HR max/HR rest

P 361 VO2 Max ratings by age

P 362 Rockport 1 mile walk test for VO2 Max

P 364-5 At home glucose tolerance test

P 366-8 Measuring muscular fitness with push-ups\

P 370 visceral fat is bad

P 370 Waist should be half of height

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