I got interested in aging in the early 1970s, when my grandmother passed away.  In 1979 my genetics professor said genetics would cure aging, and ever since then I have been following the science as it grows in breadth and depth.  In the early 2000’s I started following aging conferences, for I was getting older and the science has not moved as much as I was hoping.  A year ago I started working on a book called Defeating Aging, and this web site is an extension of that book.  I still have a really long way to go with the book, but if you want to read a rough draft just get in touch!

A brief bio:

I grew up in the Alaskan Bush in the center of Alaska.  Until my Dad retired from the FAA, we lived in FAA housing.  After he retired we moved across the lake and lived in a lovely log home my Dad built.  Because of the tiny population there my Mom home schooled my twin sisters and I up through high school.  When I was old enough to start high school my Dad built a second home in Fairbanks, where we lived in the winters so we could attend a regular school, returning home during the summer.  I still live in this house and my sisters still live in the house Dad built in the bush.

After high school I attended the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, graduating with a BS in biology in the spring of 2003.  Ever since I have kept up with this subject, especially aging aspects!  In 1985 I decided that, while science may cure aging it would probably be really expensive, so I started a small construction company that morphed into an apartment rental business, which I am currently in the process of retiring from (want to buy some rentals?)  I peaked out at 85 units, and expect it to take another decade to sell the rest, or all but 1 or 2 buildings (right now I own 7).

I got married to my adventurous wife in 2001, the winter after we bicycled from Fairbanks to Seattle.  For our honeymoon we did a cruise around the world, and a few years later we sailed a 48′ trimaran to Hawaii and back.  Other travels with our 2 kids followed, including several more cruises, trips through Canada and to Europe, Australia, Singapore etc (in total I have visited more than 55 countries).

When I hit the age of 40 in 1998 I started getting a lot more concerned about how slowly aging was going.  So I began paying a lot more attention to aging science, and in 2004 I began attending conferences (list of aging conferences I have attended).

As you get older you begin loosing brain function.  This can be slowed by keeping your mind busy.  With this in mind I have continued my education, getting a BS in Geology and then an MBA (Masters in Business Administration).  Now that aging science is getting a lot closer to finding ways to extend lifespan I am applying to get my PhD in Neurobiology and Biochemistry, where I will be focusing on aging.  I hope all this education will extend my brain function for decades to come!

I am hoping to use this blog to develop ideas people are interested in.  Interesting topics and questions that come up from blog visitors will probably end up here and/or in the book I am working on!  So I would like to hear about topics you would like to hear about.  Just contact me!

More about me.

More about the lab in Sri Lanka.

More about my (future) book.


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