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Online testing



Testing products


  • Virtual labs
  • Many brain & body tips
  • Neural Agility (The End of Alzheimer’s, page 195)
  • “If you are an accredited journalist or established blogger and need the perspective of a laboratory medicine professional for a news story you are writing, AACC will be happy to connect you with one of our subject matter experts.” from:
  • Ketone meter (
  • Ted youtube talk on the benefits of aging
  • Ted youtube talk on aging of identical twins (and other things like cognitive aging)
    • vascular risk factors important
    • diet was not that important either.
    • Strength of leg was most predictive!
    • Aerobic exercise changes your brain
      • this increases length of telomeres (and other things)
  • Ted youtube talk on fasting and increases in brain power
    • Talks about The Fasting Cure by Upton Sinclair
    • Fasting increases the number of mitochondria in your cells
  • Ted youtube on tasting & fasting mimicking diet
    • talks about mice started in middle age
      • reverses aging in their white blood cells
      • most people can go for 60 days
      • developed human fasting mimicking diet (900-1100 kcal/day)
      • circulating stem cells increases dramatically
      • people in biosphere 2’s organs shrank  a lot
        • eg liver was about
  • 2 headed planeria created by manipulating electrical properties of cells plus growing new frog legs (etc).  From Tufts university.
    • by Prof. Michael Levin




Interesting blogs about aging and/or researching aging:

Companies working to develop medicines and tactics for slowing/reversing aging

  • Elevian looks like they are doing well published work, but the website was not very informative.

Blogs about CR & intermittent fasting


Videos about CR

Functional Medicine Practitioners:

Health and wellness coaches:

Information on CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome):

Chelating metals with food & drugs:

Diet and nutrition

  • Blueberry study
  • Eliminating diabetes with a low-carb diet (youtube)
  • Alternative view: eliminating diabetes by limiting fat
  • Diet and glucose responses to meals & which foods spike it & which do not.
    • Working hard to provide algorithms for everyone
    • From the Segal Lab,   “a multi-disciplinary lab of computational biologists and
      scientists focusing on microbiome, nutrition, genetics,
      and gene regulation in health and disease.” They intend to “to develop personalized nutrition and personalized medicine
      using machine learning, computational biology, probabilistic
      modeling, and analysis of heterogeneous genomic and clinical data.”
  • Nutrition blogs & websites
    • Abby Langer has excellent advice, especially about who to read and who not to.  Several of the below links I got from her website.  (No, I don’t know her…yet.  I think I will call her and get her advice on my diet though!)
      • Looks at many food supplements & nutrition.
        • I have not checked their work, but they say they are an unbiased source for supplement information.
      • Vox Online magazine with frequent food & nutrition related articles.  Not my cup of tea.
      • Center for Science in the Public Interest.  This website focuses on nutrition.
      • Linus Pauling Institute is hosted by Oregon State University and has some excellent descriptions about nutrients (such as niacin)
      • Interesting website about diet vs disease
    • Gastroenterology Department at the University  Virginia school of Medicine has some excellent articles on gastroenterology and gut health–and more importantly how to overcome many of these diseases.
  • Another nutritionist, Lyndi Cohen, runs an interesting blog.
  • Nutrition from the many foods in the US Department of Agriculture website.
  • Segal Lab, at the Weizmann Institute (in Israel) aims to develop personalized medicine and nutrition using machine learning.
  • Weight Chart has some amazing nutritional information on foods.

Blog writing

Book writing:

Advanced medicines on the horizon

  • Companies
    • Samumed
      • Using the WNT pathway they have developed treatments that may
        • Re-grow hair
        • Defeat cancer
        • Restore cartilage
      • Lots of these are in clinical trials already!
  • Conferences
    • Exponential Medicine
      • 2018
      • Really interesting tidbit about using voice patterns
        • (Starts at 2:02:15 of Day 2 video)
          • to predict the (future) occurrence of the following diseases using how you say something (not what you say):
            • Schizophrenia
            • Alzheimer’s disease
            • Dementia
            • multiple sclerosis
            • bipolar disorder
            • diabetes
            • heart disease

Not related to Aging directly

  • Exponential Organizations (from Singularity University).  This may be a good way to determine the best anti-aging companies
    • Questionnaire for determining your companies exponential quotient
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