Update spring 2020

Due to business constraints  that resulted from taking last summer (2019) off and taking a cruise around the world I have not had time to work on this much.  When we got home our rental vacancy rate was 30% and as a result I spent all winter working 60 hours a week.  Things were finally starting to get back to normal when COVID-19 hit.

I would have managed to do a lot of work on this during lockdown–except at the end of March I had a perforated appendix/appendicitis and then as soon as that had started to heal my incision got infected.  So the last month I have done little besides engage in one of my favorite hobbies: reading.  I kind of went overboard and read 46 books in the last month!

Now (end of April) I am finally starting to feel up to doing a little work.  So I started by ‘attending’ a virtual conference on aging: Longevity 2020 (https://www.longevity.technology/).  The conference started Monday and goes through May 1.  It was very well put together and I am really getting a lot of information from the 2.5 to 3 hours of presentation.  I have been getting about 18 pages of notes every day; the information presented is (as in most conferences) very dense.

Also this year I began a local Aging Discussion Group.  We held 2 meetings before COVID-19 prevented further meetings.  I hope to resume meetings as soon as it is safe for us to do so.  Most of the people who joined are older and so it is very important that getting together to learn about aging doesn’t shorten our lifespan by catching COVID-19!

I have complete notes from the first 2 meetings, which was really the same meeting with 2 different groups of people.  I really enjoyed these and hope I managed to present information the group will help them plan for a healthy life.  If you are local and interested in joining the group please get in touch.


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