Daily Thesis Progress: January 2022


Printed Prolonging healthy aging: Longevity vitamins and proteins, by Bruce Ames, 2018.

Started reading Ames, 2018.

In the morning I read a bit more of Ames 2018 paper.

Today my book Blind Analysis for Design of Experiments arrived. I ordered it last month. I browsed through it a bit.

Finished Ames.

I am not getting enough journal reading in so I think I will implement a policy of 1 article per week minimum.

Finished reading Ames 2018.

Reading in Xu, 20

Printed McCann (2018).

First class of Cellular Signaling, being taught by my advisor Larry Duffy. It is a 1 hour class meeting 3 times a week.

I spent most of the morning getting ready for the 2 pm meeting of the aging discussion group, and then an hour holding the discussion. 2 new non-local members, but not so many local members showed up. Total of about 7 of us.

Class in the morning (from 9:30 to 10:30).

After class I talked about my PhD project with Dr. Duffy.

In the evening I started reading a journal article … in the future I will try to do a better job of logging these (written 2/12/22 when I was reviewing these fir posting on my blog)

Protocol-Y meeting. Very good discussion. He is starting to put together his interview series for his documentary.

He requested books we liked, so I put together a list of my books. I spent quite a bit of time after the meeting doing so. I should link it here!

When I read an aging book I usually take handwritten notes on it. But a lot of these I haven’t transcribed. I figured Tom would find them useful (and perhaps other people) so I worked on my notes from reading Spring Chicken (which I thought was the best aging book I have read).

Class in the morning.

Finished entering my notes from Spring Chicken.

Started reading Kappele’s Blind Analysis for Design of Experiments and Response Surface Methodology, chapter 1 & 2 and browsed through the appendix.

Found several interesting papers, printed 3 of them and read one

Read chapter 3 of Kappele’s Blind Analysis for Design of Experiments and Response Surface Methodology.

After a day off Monday, had class today.

In the afternoon I worked on my thesis project proposal.

Spent most of the day working on my proposal for an experiment. Did a little bit more work on my reading log, getting more information entered.

Short entry for a ton of work!

Cellular Signaling class, 9:30 to 10:30. This class actually works really well with my schedule because I drop my daughter off at 9:15 for her class in Gruening. She finishes in time to walk up to my classroom in Reichardt by the time I get out.

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