Aging discussion group meeting July 12, 2022: An overview the American Aging Association’s 50th annual meeting Part 2.

The meeting notice:


Wow, the last month sure vanished on me.   So it is already time for the next meeting, which I will start tomorrow at 11:30.  I will send you the zoom link tomorrow morning.

A very brief update on what I have been working on:

1.  Aging experiment in Sri Lanka.  Not much progress to report.

2.  Hiring a Sri Lanka doctor.  I have had about 10 people apply.  One had a very interesting treatment for arthritis and joint issues; I have asked for a paper about it.  I will post that on the blog when it is finished (maybe in a couple months).

3.  Local aging experiment is moving along slowly.

4.  Last month I “attended” a very interesting zoom lecture by Emily Byl.  She owns Well-Haven, which is an occupational therapist company in Anchorage that focuses on older Alaskans.  She had a lot of really interesting things to say about aging and recovery from issues for the old.  I am hoping that she can be a guest lecturer in September.

5.  My favorite paper this month: Human Aging Reversal: Fact or Fiction, by Adiv Johnson et al.  It talks about experiments to reverse aging in humans (as measured by various techniques).  My favorites:

a.  25% calorie restriction [after 2 years, age was 0.6 years younger]

b.  Vitamin D [after 16 weeks, age was 1.9 years younger]

c.  Antiretroviral therapy [after 96 weeks age was 3.6 years younger]

d.  Plant-centered diet, supplements, exercise, sleep and stress management [after 8 weeks, was 3.23 years younger]

6.  (Unrelated to aging): I sold my 6 plex.  A fair amount of the sales price is going to be put into aging research :).  6 more buildings to go.

Tomorrow’s lecture will be a continuation of the last: more information about the May meeting of the American Aging Association.

And here are the slides from our last meeting.

As usual, tomorrow I will do a short talk and then have an open discussion.  We can talk about any topic you want to discuss.

I hope you can attend,


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