Aging discussion group meeting November 15, 2022: Plasma exchange: human trials.

The meeting notice:


Very sorry about vanishing like that.  Work snowballed on me (my main worker, Gene, ended up in the hospital and I don’t expect to see him back to work for another month; Frankie wasn’t feeling good; a well at my 8 plex went out and took 40 man-hours to fix…etc!!!).

Comments on class:

I lack the time to do separate emails to the aging discussion group and to those of you from my class, so I am lumping all this together.  Sorry if it makes it a bit long!  Those of you in my class are invited to join.  We hold meetings (supposed to be the 2nd Tuesday of the month–but last week I looked at the calendar wrong and so here we are at the 3rd week).  Anyone from my class is welcome to join–just send me an email and I will add you to the mailing list (FYI I try not to send very many emails out, meaning 1-3 per month).  The format is supposed to be a 20 minute lecture followed by a 20 minute discussion (at which time zoom shuts me off because I just have a free zoom account).  This varies quite a bit depending on how long-winded I get in my lecture.  The lecture part is recorded and then uploaded to the internet; if you want to check out past lectures please visit my blog at Defeating Aging.

The link to my last lecture for class:

I do intend to teach another class in the spring, after returning from my cruise (if I even get to go on the cruise–that will depend on Gene’s recovery).  Right now it looks doubtful.  Either way I will be here in April to teach another class; I just submitted my class description to OLLI.  If you liked this last class I encourage you to sign up for the new one; I am developing all new material for it–I want to stretch my knowledge as well as contribute to yours!

Aging discussion group:

A couple of weeks ago I presented a lecture about plasma exchange to the UAF Chemistry Club.  I have discussed with this group several times: primarily how plasma exchange started from parabiosis and led to an aging treatment now in human clinical trials.  Since I don’t have time to prepare a new presentation for tomorrow I am going to present a very short lecture over the last few slides, which has a bit of new information for you.

I have lacked the time to get the last group lecture uploaded to the web for you.  I will send the group a copy as soon as I get it uploaded, but who knows when I will have time.

I have now hired a medical intern (soon to be a doctor) in Sri Lanka.  I am just starting to work out the routines to make this kind of access useful to us.  The first project for her is to set up a link to a cardiac doctor because I know 3 people with cardiac issues and am hoping it would be useful to have an alternative source of advice.  For example a friend has questions about exercising but his doctor has not responded to several calls.  Not sure yet how well this will work out; it is just an experiment.  But it is very cheap compared to the US ($3 an hour is a top wage for a doctor there!!).  My intention is to act as a conduit between top quality doctors in Sri Lanka and members of the aging discussion group (and others)–but certainly not to provide medical advice!

Lots more, but I have an appointment and have to take the trailer off the truck before I can go…so hopefully things will slow down soon so I can concentrate more on this!

Hope to see you tomorrow. I will send you a zoom link in the morning as usual,


At this meeting we had 8 attendees. Discussion after the presentation covered a Fairbanks independent clinic (Labcorp–thanks Kraig!) and a cancer test that looks for 50 cancers at once (Galleri–thanks Mary!). Paolo also mentioned that those of us over 65 can access the University of Alaska gym for a very modest sum ($60 I think he said).

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