Table of Contents

Few blogs I see have a table of contents, which I feel is a big lack in the online world.  So here is one, hope you find it useful!

The only real difference between a table of contents in a book and this one: this one is ordered by title.

About: a bit more about me (brief bio) and why I am interested in aging.

Aging Blog: A description of what I hope this blog will do for you.

Aging Books, by author.  My aging books, sorted by author.

Aging discussion group meeting 2/8/22: This is a monthly group I lead.  We talk about the Advancing Science of Slowing Aging.

Biohacking adventures, successes and failures.  A few of the biohacking things I have done.

Bits & Pieces: Links to other websites I found interesting.

Blog purpose:   A description of what I hope the blog will do for me.

Book: Healthy at 100: My notes on this book about aging.

Book: Spring Chicken:  A great book about aging science.

Book: The FastLife: a good read about intermittent fasting and exercise.

Book: The End of Alzheimer’s:  My notes on this excellent book about stopping Alzheimer’s.

Book: The Longevity Seekers: My notes on this book.

Book: Younger Next Year:  My notes on this excellent book about exercise and aging.

Calculator links:  aging related calculators.

Cell survival, suicide and how to kill them: all about senescent cells and senolytics.

Comments: a few notes about comments.

Contact: Want to send me a note?  Use this page.

Daily Thesis Progress: January 2022.  My ‘daily’ notes on everything I do related to aging research & teaching.

Defeating Aging:  my main page.

Defeating Dementia: a few thoughts about this critical subject.

Dementia: another blog on this critical subject.

Forever Healthy Press Release September 3, 2019: these folks do excellent work on possible aging solutions.  This one is about NAD+ replacement therapy.

In the beginning… This is my background and why I am writing this blog.

Index:  I really like book indexes, so I hope to have a similar on this blog.

Medical testing, PCS9 inhibitors & aging conference–an email to a friend: I write to a friend.

Microlives: a way to measure progress in slowing aging.  A pretty neat idea that I have been using for a while now.  But better things have come out, like epigenetics.

More about me: just a little more information about your author.

More about the Sri Lanka lab: I run a lab in Sri Lanka, this is a little more about it.

Nutrition Investigator: Roc is an aquantence, and we share a keen interest in nutrition and how it impacts aging.

Ray’s Readings: links to the aging books and other information I have read.

Rapamycin Doctor: all about my visit to Dr. Alan Green.

Recent Deaths: So sad when friends and family die.

Salt Sensitive…or not: I test whether I am salt sensitive.

Science & Aging: Where the science is on figuring how to slow & stop aging.

Someday, aging will be defeated:  How I feel the future will be for aging and health science in general.

Things you can do now:  A discussion about things that science has shown extend lifespan.  At least in animals.

To-do & goals: just a list of things I hope to do with this website.

Update Spring 2020:  I hadn’t written here in a while, so just wrote an update.

Index:  Since an index in a book is listed at the end, I list it again here!

Notes on how I arranged this Table of Contents:

  1. I assume you will search the page for things you are really interested in.
  2. I have roughly alphabetized the page titles.
  3. All links to my book notes start with the word Book so they will all be sorted properly.

Note to myself: this was updated with all posts on 2/15/22.  Need to add in all files now.  Also I should update this so I can auto-add more.


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