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Age calculators



Cognitive health & dementia

Prostate health questionnaire

Metabolic status

  • Dr. Oz (note: this does not work in Microsoft Edge)
  • Dieting Revisited (aimed at determining what kind of diet you should use)

Vitamin D deficiency

More to investigate

  • Dr Oz’s Health Report Card
    • I took the one on What’s the best Flat Belly foods and disagree with the wording of several questions.  For example, under the question “which food could contain high levels of sodium”, they listed salad as containing high levels of sodium.  Of course this is NOT TRUE.  Their answer (‘Salad’) was on the assumption it has salad dressing on it.  Since I always eat my salad with nuts my salads do not have dressing.  If they wanted to say salad they should have said ‘salad with dressing’.

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