Science & Aging

Science is at the point where a knowledgeable person can begin to apply science to complex networked systems and have hopes of some success.  Cancer, for example, has been successfully defeated in many instances using an approach that identifies network nodes and, by interfering with those nodes can defeat the cancer.  Aging is another complex network failure system that has potential to be tackled that way.  Already we have a number of isolated technologies that can slow aging; perhaps by networking them together greater gains can be achieve.  It is likely possible to extend your healthy lifespan a marked amount (if you are a worm you can stay alive to 80 time your normal lifespan).  Indeed most aging can be considerably delayed with the right lifestyle choices.

There is a lot of science behind aging, from a number of different viewpoints.  The website programmed aging has one slant on it, but is an overall excellent website that goes into a lot of the science of aging and what is currently understood about it.

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