Aging discussion group meeting September 13, 2022: A guest lecturer from Well Haven Occupational Therapy and Consulting.

The meeting notice:


It is that time of month again!  This month we will be having a guest speaker, Emily Byl.  She owns Well Haven Occupational Therapy & Consulting who focuses on keeping people healthy and active.  She gave a really interesting talk to a UAF group a couple of months ago and I thought it would be pertinent to us.  Good timing for me too, since I am working on getting ready to teach my next OLLI class, in which I will be expanding a lot on what we have talked about over the summer.  I see several of you signed up for that, I am always encouraged by your continuing interest, thanks!

Our August meeting is now on my website.  The slides are here.

The Doctor search continues…I hired a firm to evaluate them and am now starting to do interviews.  Hopefully I can finish this long process soon!

I am taking Environmental Toxicology this semester.  The class may have some interesting pointers for aging, because as we age our resistance to environmental toxins decreases.  A good example would be PM 2.5, where tiny (2.5 micron and smaller) particles in the air cause an increased death rate, which is almost entirely among the very old.  For us here in Fairbanks this poses an immense problem: we can have affordable heat (eg wood or coal) and stay warm, suffering the increase PM 2.5.  Or we can suffer the economic damage that comes from sending millions out of our economy (20 years ago, when I had a friend in the heating business, he told me Fairbanks burns 50 million gallons of heating oil a year, so the $2 increase in heating oil cost means this winter we will be sending $100 million more from our economy than we did last year).  So PM 2.5 is an immense conundrum for our aging population in Fairbanks.

In early August I attended a virtual aging conference by a group who is focused on supporting aging research, age reversal tech, & rejuvenation called It was a great conference with talks by some of the great people of aging science.  I will cover parts of the conference over the next few months, focusing on the talks by George Church (eliminating viral disease) Irena Conboy (plasma exchange in humans is reversing aging blood biomarkers) and Brian Kennedy (supplementing with alpha ketoglutarate extends lifespan in mice).  I had hoped to provide people an opportunity to drop by and watch bits of it with me, but this last month has just been so busy.

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As usual, I will send you a link just before the meeting.