Private: To-do & goals


  • Minimum
    • minimum # words/week
    • Minimum # words/day
    • Finish blog posts/ week or month
    • blog post re-writes
    • verify all outside links work yearly


My to do list for this blog:

  1. write/link pages:
    1. nutrition
    2. exercise
    3. quitting smoking
    4. Quality relationships
  2. Finish creating my reading lists (started)
    1. Books
      1. Younger Next Year
      2. Chicken Soup…
      3. [others]
    2. Blog about readings
      1. Online
      2. Offline
      3. Journal articles
  3. Write a better intro, emphasizing
    1. my goals (becoming a better writer so I can write a book about this)
    2. Spreading the word about aging science; the more who are involved the faster the science will evolve
    3. Talk about my overseas labs
    4. Talk about my local lab
    5. How my blog visitors can extend their lifespan through a healthier lifestyle

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