Private: unlinked…nutrition post ideas

Some people who write about nutrition try to say what they believe people want to hear to help drive people to their blogs.  Others observe a correlation–sometimes in just themselves–and mistake that correlation with causation and write about that.  For example they feel worse after eating yogurt and conclude yogurt is bad for you.  Others make up things that sound nice so they can sell you things like fad diets.

This results in many websites that are trying to give nutritional advice without any real knowledge of nutrition.  I will try to endeavor to avoid that.  I know enough about nutrition to think I know what I am talking about, but I also feel my training in nutrition is not adequate.  Thus I feel I need to have what I write reviewed by a qualified nutritionist.  Abby Langer is a Canadian nutritionist who runs an excellent blog on nutrition.  I will hire her to review this before I publish it.


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