Blog Purpose

I am hopeful that this blog will have 3 primary functions:

  1. Serve as a portal to all the knowledge I am accumulating about aging.
    1. Conference notes [link coming soon].
    2. Books I’ve read [started, but this link will be forever incomplete as I read more about aging!]
    3. Scientific research I’ve done (links coming…much later!)
      1. Journal articles
      2. Research
  2. Serve as a starting point for the book I hope to write about aging.
    1. I have several chapters of the book written.
      1. I will get parts of them uploaded to the blog soon.
      2. I have ideas about the chapters I would like to include and sometime in 2019 I will get those on here.
    2. Do you have an aging subject you would like to know more about?  Let me know!  Perhaps I can included it in the book, or write about it here.
  3. Help a few readers out by providing them with information they can use as a resource to develop their own means to defeat aging–or at least slow it down.
    1. I have a protocol for intermittent fasting that I developed to slow my aging.
      1. This had some very interesting side effects:
        1. Improved hearing
        2. Improved eyesight
        3. Eliminated my (mild) arthritis
      2. Note that it did not make me loose weight!
      3. I am working on researching and writing the protocol so I can share it with some friends and relatives.  If there is enough demand I will publish it here as well.  Send me a note if you are interested.

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