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I have been reading aging books for a really long time (more than 35 years).  Since I usually keep notes on what I read, I thought some of you might find it useful to be see my notes and what I thought of the book.   I have been reading aging books for a long time, so the data goes back to the 1980s.  These books are arranged alphabetically by title.

In January 2022 I got serious about finishing.   This update was started by a friend, who has begun to put together a documentary about aging and rejuvenation. I am one of his advisors, and he requested a list of aging books.  I generated a list of aging books from my list of all books in my library (the total list has 2,000 books). It turns out I have more than 40 aging.  I took notes on about half of these, and of these about 1/4 these notes are online (those that are online are linked):

Note: I also sorted the complete list by author.  The books below are a better resource because they have more description–but the list is not complete.

Note: there are a few other non-aging books; I have included them mostly for my own use.

Healthy at 100 a fair read by John Robbins.  A good read except for the last few chapters.  Notes.

Spring Chicken: Stay Young Forever (or die trying) an excellent book by Bill Gifford.  2015.  This book is very well written and makes a great story of the scientific search for reversing aging.  I took 2 pages of notes.

The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline an excellent book by Dale E. Bredesen, MD.  This is an excellent book that outlines a protocol which Dr. Bredesen has had a lot of success treating Alzheimer’s patients with.  Notes.

The FastLife was a good read by Dr. Michael Mosley.  I took a bit over 1 page of notes.

WordPress: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn. 3rd edition. 310 pages. I enjoyed this book by George Plumley.  I took 4.5 pages of  notes.

Younger Next Year an very good read by Chris Crowley & Henry S. Lodge, M.D.  A well researched and good read primarily about the benefits of getting regular exercise (45 minutes a day) with a few other things you should do the improve the quality of your old age.  This book had a lot of information, so I took 4 pages of notes.

Books I hope to read soon

How to Live the Longest Life Possible, by Carl Bourhenne

  • From GRG.  Added to the list 12/18

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