Forever Healthy Press Release, September 3, 2019

Forever Healthy is a German organization that has been supporting an annual aging conference in Berlin that I attend.  They are focused on expanding human health in old age.  Recently they sent me this press release and I found it so interesting I thought I would share it with you:

Forever Healthy launches Rejuvenation Therapies Evaluation Program with an in-depth analysis of NAD+ Restoration

Berlin, September 3, 2019

The Forever Healthy Foundation today announced the public launch of it’s “Rejuvenation Now” initiative and the publication of the first results of the project.

Senolytics, NAD+, Lipid Replacement, Decalcification, mTOR Inhibitors, Geroprotectors, … – the first generation of human rejuvenation therapies is available today. However, the field is still very young and the information often spotty. New therapies are emerging, and existing ones are updated or replaced. A real challenge for those who want to take advantage of this exciting development as soon as possible.

To overcome this, Forever Healthy’s “Rejuvenation Now” initiative seeks to continuously identify rejuvenation therapies that are available right now and systematically evaluates them on their risks, benefits, procedures and potential application in order to create transparency regarding the current state of said therapies.

The first publication released by the initiative is a “Risk & Benefit Analysis of NAD+ Restoration Therapy”, a systematic review of the published evidence. The team at Forever Healthy screened over 2000 publications resulting in the inclusion of more than 150 preclinical and 40 clinical trials on the use of oral NAD precursors, transdermal patches or infusions to raise NAD+ to youthful levels.

NAD+ Restoration Therapy: A Risk-Benefit Analysis

A second publication covering the intermittent use of high dose fisetin as a senolytic agent is already completed and under review by selected members of the rejuvenation community on the foundations RFC portal. It is expected to be released to the general public in the next weeks.

Future upcoming work of the initiative will amongst others cover topics such as the use of essential phospholipids to rejuvenate cell membranes and improve their condition, the use of low-level light therapy to rejuvenate the skin, and the use of EDTA to decalcify both arteries as well as the capillary system.

In the beginning…

I am in my 60s and have been using aging research to slow my aging. This blog is about the science behind what I and others are doing to live a healthier lifestyle and hopefully live until science defeats aging.

I am already doing a number of things to (hopefully) slow my aging. I am in my 60’s and over the last decade I have had a few age-related health problems. I have successfully fought off these problems, such as my rheumatoid arthritis; a herniated disk in my neck, cured without surgery; my occasional brain fog is gone; a tremor in my hand is mostly gone; vision problems where I mostly reversed growing farsightedness from my eye lenses getting stiffer and failing to focus on things I read. As I get older, I expect that conquering these issues will become increasingly difficult and the biohacking techniques I have been using will start to fail me. So far my health remains excellent, and with the many treatments coming for slowing the onset of aging diseases I am hoping to extend my health into late old age–and perhaps until aging can be reversed.

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